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avast! Internet Security

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Avast! is one of the best antivirus programs which you ever try. It is a powerful protector of your computer system that finds and neutralizes viruses, spam. Interesting that at the moment of its installation avast! creates the point of system restore and does not ask us to confirm it.
Really, avast! is very friendly program with understandably and easy to use interface. Its simple interface gives you possibility to see the actual status of your PC – auto updates, virus definitions version, firewall, expiration date of program and its version.

This application also has a silent mode. It means that you will get various messages but without automatically exit the full-screen mode of a movie which you are watching or game which you are playing now.

Actually, you can do scanning of your system quickly or thoroughly, can scan whole system, some parts of it or removable media. Avast! has a special feature – Boot-Time Scan. It scans the operating system before starting; it does not take a long time but makes you sure that everything is clean, just as Scan Logs displays a full completed scans history and schedule for future scanning.

So, avast! is a complex program with a huge  number of useful functions for completely your computer protection.

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