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CyberGhost VPN Free

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CyberGhost VPN Free is a very useful online service and personal VPN client. Its main feature is to give users possibilities anonymously browse the Internet. It means that this utility works as a firewall and server between your computer and your internet provider. CyberGhost VPN makes able to browse web-pages without detection your IP address.

This application works in two versions: Free and Premium. Free version has some limitation – it can be installed just on one computer and only one account can be activated on one PC. In addition, you can use this version just 6 hours per day or 1 GB downloads, so it is the better way of using free version individual Internet sessions, like if you will take you notebook to Hotspot, rather than to exploit it for all day. Premium version has much more different features and options to use.

It is important that the interface of this program is completely easy to exploit and looks like the main screen of many similar firewall and antivirus programs. CyberGhost VPN installs and starts to run very quickly and easy, including creating a new account with login and password. But it is important that you need to reboot the system to complete the process.

So, if you are worried that somebody can steal your private information, when you are at a public Hotspot, or snoop the sites which you work with, you need to try an application like CyberGhost VNP. It really can help to feel safe online.


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