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Hotspot Shield

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Hotspot Shield is the Internet connection protector. It encrypt your traffic for protection your computer from all types of spying when you are in Internet. You should know that it is a very valuable application for everybody who feeds down public Wi-Fi networks. Besides, it is a superior tool for providing on any network connection that you can get access sites and information close to your wishes, and no one else. More than 10 million people in the whole world use Hotspot Shield’s Virtual Private Network services. So, it is the biggest VPN for now.

Last changes of this tool contain automatic detection of the nearest Wi-Fi connection, needlessness of administration rules to install it and possibility to work with corporative networks.

Hotspot Shield works in free and paid version. Of course, free version has some confines in in comparison with Elite Hotspot Shield, but any way it is very helpful and protects you online. This application is a safeguard against 3,5 million different kinds of malware dangers which includes spam and infected by viruses sites. Hotspot Shield works untitled, privately and without collection any of your personal information.


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