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Secunia PSI

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Secunia Personal Software Inspector is the application which identifies and helps to correct the problematic programs you may be running. You should know that the one of the largest security dangers comes not from hackers or online identity thieves; it comes from innocent computer user and his outdated software. This smart utility scans your PC: finds and identities all software programs which are running and allows you to see are they still relevant or not.

Secunia PSI has very understandable and usable interface and users can choose a layout (Simple or Advanced) which depends of their preferences.  The main Dashboard shows you general information about your computer’s security. Also you can see the changing of your security score during last week, month, and how recently you’ve applied patches to your PC system. ­­­
If you want to see the secure level of individual programs you should go to “Scan Results”, there will be the list of all installed applications and the status of their security. So, with help of Securia PSI you can very quickly and easy rate the threat of each program and apply fixes to them.

In addition, we can say that Senuria PSI is a free and easy way to be on top of an important part of your computer security. So, if you are searching for a “set it and forget it” way to keep your applications up to date, this utility for you.


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